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Open Positions

We welcome all enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students to join our research projects.

Please do not hesitate to contact prof. Anh for more information.

A prestigious fellowship funded by JSPS, for both domestic and oversea young researchers. 

This year (FY2023), the deadline for Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan (Standard Program):   
        1st Recruitment: August 17, 2022 (Wed)
        2nd Recruitment: April  11, 2023 (Tue)

Candidates should contact Prof. Anh as soon as possible.

See the following link for more details on the JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

The International Graduate Program for non-Japanese students was launched in 1999, offering advanced professional training leading to the degrees of Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering. Students will have the unique opportunity of taking a degree from the University of Tokyo with lectures and research conducted completely in English. Applicants who have exceptional academic records will be awarded scholarship.

Prospective students can join Anh Lab via the IME program, whose Online Registration is open in January to February every year. Candidates should contact Prof. Anh in advance.


See the following link for more details on the IME Program.

Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees is to find talents and provide them with rewarding opportunities so that they can lead and advance the development of science and technology in Vietnam in the future. For 11 years starting from 2019, Vingroup will offer up to 100 scholarships each year for Vietnamese students to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs at leading universities worldwide. Scholarship recipients will be financially sponsored to attend graduate degree programs at leading universities in the world including Japan.

Prospective students should contact Prof. Anh in advance for consultation.


See the following link for more details on the Vingroup Scholarship Program.

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